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WitchHands is a Colorado based Deathrock / Gothic Rock band since 2016.
D-beat rhythms, melodic synths, grinding guitars, and lyrics ranging from sad poetry to nihilistic rage.

Originally inspired by the likes of T.S.O.L., Killing Joke, Rudimentary Peni, and .45 Grave. They have evolved toward a more melodic Dark & Gothic Rock, Post Punk sound that earned comparisons to Samhain, The Cult, Type O Negative, and “an angry Sisters of Mercy.”

“Colorado doom metal with raw open wound sounds full of decay and ritual. That place where early goth rock stayed into metal and pain. Spewing forth a filth and blood soaked pageantry with blistering guitars mashed with organs and echos.” - Sounds & Shadows

WitchHands has had the opportunity to reach out to fans around the world, playing with international acts like She Past Away, Leæther Strip, Ausgang, Suicide Commando, and have been invited to play Colorado Goth Fest more than any other band.

They are entirely self-produced from tours, to merchandise, to online presence. Music, Handmade Merchandise, Lyrics, and

Upcoming Show dates can be found at

Press Photos

Music Preview

Video Preview

Full Show

Live @ Vultures, CO - May 9, 2023


Live @ Bar Sinister, LA - Feb 11, 2018

Tech Rider

To download the WitchHands Tech Rider, please click to "Download Contract" link below

WH Stage Plots ROAD.jpg
WH Stage Plot.jpg

Contact Info

HOMEBASE:  Colorado Springs, CO

Main Email:

Label:  Independent 

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