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Formed as a Deathrock band in late 2016 with Aaron “Batboy” Hernandez, Brian “Sleazy B” Gillette, Daniel David Larson (Elay Arson,) Lance “Lord Broodington” Madar, Ryan Flint in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Combining influences from decades of Deathrock, Post-Punk, Gothic Rock, Alternative rock, and a slew of other genres, WitchHands had formed and started recording their first demo. After initial release, Joshua ‘Jodajen’ Jennings, replaced Elay Arson as he went on to pursue his solo project. The band had developed an immediate following playing several shows opening for large acts within their genre (One-Eyed Doll, Stellar Corpses, Argyle Goolsby, and Aesthetic Perfection recently). The band is known for their energetic and engaging stage performances that draw in a crowd to dance, sing, and even partake in their performance.  They released their first full-length album ‘A Voice and Nothing More’ in 2018.

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